April 19, 2022


The final works of the project “Virtus” were defended at the IB Mthiebi High School, within the framework of which the students of the Technical and Humanitarian School presented interesting works on the following topics:

Russia-Ukraine war; Criminal tasks; Weapons – the modern face of war; Traveling through your own mind; Controversy between generations; Crowd psychology; Homeostatic Imbalance in psychosomatic disorders – causes and consequences; Mathematics and Architecture; Electricity and living organisms; Mechanisms of acid rain formation and its effects on living organisms; Plastic and its effects on living organisms; Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).

The project presentation was held at the Georgian-American University, and the following representatives of the university were involved in the assessment of students:

  1. Ani Chipashvili – the Head of External Communications and Career Development of GAU Center
  2. Tsisia Gogokhia – the Student of Business Administration of GAU
  3. Thekla Ratiani – the Student of English Philology of GAU

We thank the Georgian-American University for active cooperation in educational projects

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