April 19, 2022


Science picnic in the IB Mthiebi. Project: “Earth is our home – Environment, and Organisms”

Every year the Department of Natural Sciences carries out interesting and creative projects.

It is particularly worth mentioning the project of this year, as after online and hybrid learning, it was within the framework of this project students had the opportunity to work in groups and conduct research at school, which was implemented by students of the elementary and basic school.

One of the main purposes of the project was to help students grasp the depth of environmental problems – the dangers and consequences of water, soil, air pollution.

3rd / 4th graders presented how “Our Neighbors on the Earth – Animals” defend themselves

5th / 6th graders brought to life the Earth’s vast ecosystems – biomes, and presented it all using their own handmade models.

In the process of the project implementation, the students grasped the importance of taking care of the environment.

Basic school students presented this project from different perspective and attempted to incorporate the material studied in physics-chemistry when explaining biological systems.

The work of the Department of Sciences was evaluated with the highest score!

In the process of the project implementation all teachers of the Department of Natural Sciences were involved:

• Nana Kobakhidze;

• Nino Kldiashvili;

• Eka Shubladze;

• Eka Nebieridze;

• Luiza Dolidze;

• Sofo Metreveli;

• Nugzar Bochoidze;

• Mana Migineishvili;

• Keti Gogoberishvili;

• Salome Qadagishvili;

• Nino Gongadze.

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