September 14, 2022


Welcome students, respected parents, employees of IB Mthiebi,

Today is September 14, the new 2022-2023 academic year begins.

It’s been 27 years since IB Mthiebi has been celebrating the start of education. September 14 is the beginning of the new school year and the birthday of IB Mthiebi.

So, today IB Mthiebi turned 27 years old, congratulations!

Everyone is interested in what kind of results and news the school is entering into the new school year.

I would like to proudly inform you that all 70 graduates of IB Mthiebi are students. Many thanks to them for such high academic results. I wish them an interesting, successful student life.

Today, 86 students are studying in class XII in IB Mthiebi, I hope that they will also pass the national exams with such high results.

In the academic year 2022-2023, 1410 students study and 230 employees work in IB Mthiebi.

Among them, 171 students will sit at the desk for the first time, they are 5-6 year old students. We especially congratulate them on their discipleship. And we will do everything to make their life interesting and comfortable in IB Mthiebi.

I want to inform you about the news:

  1. In July-August, the National Center for Education Quality Development of the Ministry of Education of Georgia monitored the educational activities and infrastructure of IB Mthiebi. IB Mthiebi has successfully passed this process and the school is authorized.
  • IB Mthiebi has became a member of the European Business Association. This status provides a great opportunity to include the school in the European educational space. Congratulations!
  • We started cooperation with the Spark international school in Romania, which is accredited by the Cambridge curriculum, and an agreement was reached on conducting online lectures, teacher training and joint organization of other educational events for the students of IB Mthiebi.
  • Cooperation with foreign higher education institutions is underway for the promotion of international education and double diploma for students of IB Mthiebi High School with the following countries: Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, USA, Austria, Germany, Hungary.
  • IB Mthiebi introduced the new international food safety standard HACCP, which ensures greater safety of food products and food processing.
  • The academic board of the school made a decision to implement the STEAM education system.

STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) is a promising approach to student achievement and positively affects teacher effectiveness. Its main requirement is to use, create, invent. The STEAM education system has been implemented in the Preschool, Primary, Elementary and High Schools of the IB Mthiebi. This project is for three years.

For this very purpose:

  1. Five-year-old students will study with an international program, which will be conducted with six topics.
  • A system of teaching based on use of visual aids  was introduced.
  • Teaching with Oxford Publishing Guide – “Science in English” was introduced, which offers a new teaching methodology in natural science and promotes the development of student’s thinking skills.
  • There is a novelty in the teaching of elementary school mathematics. In grades 1-4, teaching with the international curriculum of mathematics was introduced, which is taught using the Max mathematics textbook, and is based on the following system: visualization, graphics, abstraction.
  • In the basic school, the STEAM education system will be used to teach only those subjects that are taught in an intensive mode. Project-based learning is given special importance in this scheme.
  • In the basic school, the educational system is also changing with the 3+1 system. (The program will be explained in detail at the presentation)
  • Students of class XI will prepare for the FCE international exam of English within the framework of the course fee and after completing class 9, they will receive an international certificate.
  • There are significant changes in the High School of IB Mthiebi: the STEAM education system will be used to teach both the exact sciences and the academic subjects of the natural science and humanities schools. For this purpose, it was planned to teach new subjects. these are:
  • Fundamentals of humanitarian thinking in classes IX-X-XI.
  • An Introduction to Contemporary Thought XII classes.
  • Introduction to General Psychology, Grades XII.
  • English literature by invitation of an American specialist.
  • Basics of economics.
  • Fundamentals of law.
  • Fundamentals of management.
  • Computer engineering – robotics.

The joint work with 8 leading higher education institutions continues.

XI graders will study crafts in college spectrum.

At the end of September, all schools of the IB Mthiebi will hold program presentations with parents and students, where they will inform you in more detail about the educational and academic programs of the 2022-2023 school year.

Once again, congratulations on the start of the new school year and good luck.

  • Who am I, where I am in time and space, how the world works, how I live on the planet, how I organize myself, how I express myself.
  • based on the use of visual aids learning was introduced, where the student becomes a participant in the teaching process and the subject is taught using visuals, in the creation of which the student directly participates.
  • Oxford Publishing’s Guide to Teaching – ‘Science in English’ has been introduced, which offers a new teaching methodology and promotes the development of student’s thinking skills.
  1. Integrated teaching of arts and sports subjects: painting, music and plastic was introduced.
  1. In grades 1-4, teaching with the international curriculum of mathematics was introduced, which is based on the Singapore method and is taught with the Max mathematics textbook, and is based on the following system: visualization, graphics, abstraction.
  1. In the transit school, the teaching of basic and related subject disciplines begins with the STEAM methodology.

13. After the pandemic situation, sports-relaxation and educational outing events are actively started.

  • Basic school
  • The introduction of elements of STEAM education, which is reflected in the program of intensive training of technical and humanitarian subjects, academic projects and motivational events, begins.
  1. In the basic school, the educational program will be conducted with the new 3+1 system, which provides for 3 theoretical and 1 practical lessons corresponding to the age of the students.
  • 9th grade students will prepare for the FCE international English exam within the course fee and will receive an international certificate at the end of 9th grade.
  •  High school
  • Technological and humanistic directions will be taught using the STEAM system, which unites all disciplines and for the implementation of which the following subjects have been introduced:

In the humanities classroom: the foundations of humanistic thinking and an introduction to general psychology, English literature by invitation of an American specialist.

In technical classes: fundamentals of economics, fundamentals of management and computer engineering-robotics.

  • Vocational school – spectrum – mastering a secondary profession
  • University hour – in the direction of humanities, technical and natural sciences, we cooperate with higher education institutions, the purpose of which is:

Developing student skills, getting to know professions and employment prospects, visiting universities and getting to know their programs, direct contact with professors and university representatives.

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