October 20, 2022


STEAM education system updating has begun in IB Mthiebi. STEAM is synchronized learning approach, which requires purposeful connections and standards evaluation among lesson models. STEAM genuine experience contains two or more scientific, technological, engineering, mathematical and art standards, which shall be taught and assessed among each other.    

STEAM education important components are search, cooperation and process based teaching.  The project is intended for the 10th and 11th grades technical subjects teachers, they will study robotics, business modeling and business English.  The project was created by IB Mthiebi higher school managing team, managed by Director of the School Ramaz Paresashvili and Exact and Natural Sciences School Manager Paata Dumbadze, while the following persons have been invited as consultants and pedagogues for this project: 

  • Diana Aslamazishvili – Doctor, Georgian-American University Business School Professor, T & d expert, virtual trainer, human engineering and management,  IB Mthiebi technical subjects  STEAM education invited consultant; 
  • Avtandil Mgebrishvili – Ilia State University Technological Enterprising and Innovations Development Centre Head, IB Mthiebi Technical School  STEAM education consultant;  
  • Tornike Dadiani – Architect, IB Mthiebi Arts Chair Head; 
  • Nana Migineishvili, Nana Kobakhidze – IB Mthiebi Natural Sciences Chair;
  • Tina Mgeladze – IB Mthiebi Higher School calculus teacher;
  • Nino  Khuberashvili – IB Mthiebi Higher School business English teacher, Doctor, Caucasus University Lecturer
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