October 20, 2022


IB Mthieb hosted parents. They met with elementary, basic and higher school managing teams, mentors and various subjects teachers. Program presentations were held when parents got data about academic topics, the mentoring system, motivation projects and activities, daily regime operation and importance of that.        

10.10.2022 – For IB Mthiebi Higher School final grade teachers the following meetings were conducted within framework of the University Hour: 

For students majoring in humanitarian sciences: the panel discussion was conducted about human rights and children’s rights, which was held by Mariam Melkadze- lawyer, the project coordinator, Ilia State University human rights division.   For students majoring in natural sciences: visit to Natalia Kvantaliani’s blood bank was planned where Medical Director Marine Sreseli talked with students about the blood bank activities and importance of those as well as she talked the students about the laboratory activities and component preparation methods

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