October 31, 2022


Students of the humanitarian direction of IB Mthiebi get to know the professions that are interesting to them

The students of the graduating class of the high school, who intend to continue their studies in the field of law, criminal or civil law, got to know the specifics of working in this field within the university hours and visited Tbilisi Educational University named after Guram Tavartkiladze, where the students were hosted by the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Professor Givi Lobzhanidze and the The head of the faculty’s quality assurance service, Professor Nino Bochorishvili. They talked to the students about the professions and main activities of the law field. Also, a course of practical investigative actions was held for students in the forensics laboratory, which was conducted by the head of the forensics laboratory, Davit Chagunava.

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