November 13, 2022


ISO 45001 labor safety and healthcare external audit was conducted successfully in IB Mthiebi, and it was evaluated in strict accordance to international standards. Audit evaluated the following:

  • The school compatibility to labor safety norms,
  • Labor safety and healthcare protection system,
  • Safety norms, material resources, and sanitary-hygienic norms compliance as well as transport infrastructure,
  • Medical inventories and the usage norms,
  • Compliance with food safety regulations,
  • Incidents management, activities conducted and description documentation,

Annual and future activities plans, in relation to the abovementioned appropriate meetings were conducted with: 

  • IB Mthiebi General Director Nino Chikvaidze,
  • Quality and Development Manager Salome Chkheidze,
  • Elementary, basic and higher schools managing teams,

The school administrators, the office manager, the physician, the psychologist, the daily regime manager and the catering chief. 

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