November 18, 2022


Georgian language and literature chair project – Meeting of Two Authors, which goal is to contribute to pupils’ free thinking development as well as creative writing components and stage mastership study.

Within framework of IB Mthiebi elementary school project Creative the event was held, participants of which were V and VI grades pupils.  Within framework of the project the pupils:

  • Studied Astrid Lindgren’s, Revaz Inanishvili’s, Mark Twain’s and Nodar Dumbadze’s biographies and creative works;
  • kept diaries actively, created comics and the epistle genre texts;   
  • Represented the characters’ essence and main point of the works perceived by their own vision; 
  • All the events were created as theatrical performances and musical acts. 

The project was implemented under STEAM educational system where Georgian language and literature chair, Author’s Hour and ART Studio  made joint activities.

Teacher of Author’s Hour philologist Levan Kakliani was the project’s script writer and mediator.

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