December 27, 2022


Lessons for IB Mthiebi Exact and Natural Sciences School 11th grade students were conducted under STEAM system. 

The project theme: “New technologies, smart house”

Having applied STEAM methodology, the students considered the relation existing between this theme and physics, biology, chemistry and mathematics  the theoretical way;

at robotics lessons the students fulfilled practical usage of the issues considered, with technical appliances support. Further the project was summarized together with arts and business teachers.

Within framework of the project the students understood that knowledge of various fields and their interrelation is important to create a common product and fulfill the idea practical implementation.  

Students of 11th grade were significantly supported with education obtained in Spectrum college, they possess electricity, plaster board operation and other necessary professions in the college. 

They prepared a dummy and showed the technical way where they applied the practical the knowledge obtained.

The project implementation was held with the following teachers’ especial activity and involvement:

  • Dina Aslamazishvili – IB Mthiebi STEAM education consultant,
  • Paata Dumbadze – Head of Exact and Natural Sciences School,
  • Tornike Mgebrishvili and Giorgi Khutsidze  – robotics teachers,
  • Tina Mgeladze –  mathematics teacher,
  • Salome Kadagishvili – chemistry teacher,
  • Nana Migineishvili – biology teacher,
  • Tomiris Komarovi  – business teacher,
  • Tornike Dadiani – arts teacher,
  • Spectrum college teachers.
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