April 7, 2023


Expo Georgia exhibition area hosted the concluding creative conference of  IB Mthiebi academic year.

At the conference, students presented models, papers prepared during the year on relevant topics, and the electronic journal, which is the platform for free thinking and expression of ideas.

IB Mthiebi’s priority for the 2022-2023 academic year is the introduction of the STEAM education system, in which the annual education system is based on project-based learning. This allows a student to answer the question: “Why am I learning this and where and how will I use it?”

IB Mthiebi, the universities and Spectri Vocational College worked together during the academic year to achieve the common goal.

It is important that students, teachers, educational coordinators, as well as parents participate in the whole process together.

Representatives from the Ministry of Education and the Resource Center, Didube Administration (Gamgeoba) and partner universities, as well as Spectri College officials participated in the conference.

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