June 29, 2023


The first place winner and gold medalist of the Komarov Olympiad in Mathematics is Nino Sakvarelidze, a mathematics teacher at IB Mthiebi, who teaches our school’s introductory course, Euler’s Hour. We, the directorate of Ib Mthiebi congratulates her on her victory in the teachers’ Olympiad and are proud that she is a part of our team.

Here is an interview with Nino Sakvarelidze:

“I have been teaching math at IB Mthiebi since 2007. I believe my years at this school have given me a lot of skills. The school has grown and evolved a lot over that period. So we have grown and evolved with it as well.

I believe that the skills I acquired at Ib Mthiebi have contributed greatly to my success.

In 2019, I was excited to take on a new challenge to teach a high school authorized Euler Hour course to grades 5 and 6. The mission was challenging and demanding, but also very interesting.

I would like to thank IB Mthiebi for his commitment to continuing education and development.

Also, many thanks to the Komarov School for encouraging mathematics teachers and for organizing such a large-scale Olympiad, which allows us, the Georgian teachers, to prove ourselves.”

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