June 29, 2023


The winners of the STEAM educational project “Future IB Mthiebi”, the 10th and 11th graders received memorable prizes from the school directorate.  Special awards were given to those students who demonstrated maximum knowledge, creativity and critical thinking skills when working on the project and in the course of its presentation:

  • Class 10 T1: Alexander Chovelidze, Petre Kalichava, Demetri Sajaia, and Giorgi Lomtadze
  • Class 11 H: Gvantsa Dzmanashvili.

Jury’s elect:

  • Class 10T4: Salome Chumburidze, Keto Giguashvili, Alexandra Khomeriki, Mariko Asitashvili, David Abesadze.

We would remind you that students of X and XI classes developed and presented education enhancement-oriented mission, concept, curriculum plan, technologically equipped school infrastructure and business plan, as well as new form of lesson, as they see them. The ideas presented will be considered when planning the next school year at IB Mthiebi High School.

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