November 12, 2023


One of the priorities for IB Mthiebi  during 2023-2024 study year is integration in the world educational area. In order to achieve this goal, the Director in General of IB Mthiebi  – Nino Chikvaidze, Financial Managaer – Ana Javakhishvili and Head of The Secondary School – Ramaz Paresashvili participated in EduTech Europe educational exhibition and workshop, which was held in Amsterdam, capital of Netherlands on October 11-12.

The digital technologies manufacturing companies including – Microsoft, Lego Education, Anthology, AvePoint, Grammarly, Oracle Academy, Kami, etc. and experts of educational field – Serena Sacks-Mandel, Global CTO for Education & Interim EMEA Regional Business Leader Microsoft, Stuart Swann, LEGO® Education Academy Certified Trainer LEGO® Education, Lena Tembe, Solutions Engineer anthology, Kathleen Naglee, Head of School International School of Helsinki, etc. were presented at the exhibition and workshop.

Significant place at the EduTech Europe was allocated to the intergration of artificial intelligence and LEGO technologies, robotics and STEM, STEAM in the educational process. Also, experts’ opinions regarding prospective of pedagogics during digital epoque was very interesting.

Visit of IB Mthiebi  to EduTech Europe in Amserdam was significant in order to plan and develop educational processes at our school.

Visiting multifunctional scientific museum NEMO was very interesting, which accumulates sectoral laboratories significant for the school education and expositions both for children and adults.

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