Elementary School - The first stage of primary school


The goal of elementary school is to foster the children's curiosity, which should become a direct challenge for students in the process of research and learning.
The task of the educational program is to create conditions for the student to demonstrate and develop their own intellectual, physical and spiritual qualities and inclinations. At this stage, a doctor and psychologist play an important role in the process of planning and implementing the educational program.

The Educational Program is Oriented to:

Thematic Learning Program


The IB Mthiebi Elementary School offers thematic learning, which combines all the learning program models around "topics of the week".
In order to learn subject programs, teachers offer their students interactive games based on the topics of the week.
The Department of Arts, the Department of Sports, and the Department of Education ensure the day is fun and exciting for students with a theme-oriented integrated program that, guarantees the development of students’ creative and self-expression skills.

Basic Principles of Teaching Through Projects

Academic Project "Knowledge-box"


The project allows students to listen to different types of instruction and complete assignments with pleasure;


The project allows students to summarize lessons learned during the week;


Students can share the acquired knowledge with their classmates, peers and parents.

Learning Curriculum in The Preparatory Group

  • Georgian language and literature;
  • Mathematics;
  • English;
  • German;
  • Russian;
  • Basics of Science;
  • History of Georgia.
  • Drawing;
  • Music
  • Ballet / Flexible Movement;
  • Physical education.
  • Study hours;
  • Educational thematic lesson:
  • Reading hours;
  • Application hours;
  • Morality hour;
  • Animation hour;
  • Relaxation hour
  • Educational project “Knowledge-box”

Educational programs at IB Mthiebi Elementary School are carried out in a student-friendly and cheerful environment

The educational program includes developing a sense of responsibility, outlook on the world, teamwork and security skills, which help the student to acquire learning skills and shape their personal characteristics.

Sopho Ghviniashvili

Manager of Educatory Service in Elementary School