Undergraduate Education Starts in School

The IB Mthiebi High School Curriculum aims to provide students with a high-quality education and at the same time to provide comprehensive information about the professions chosen by the students.
The structure of the curriculum is adapted to the major disciplines of undergraduate education and the students are introduced to the major disciplines of the chosen faculties at school. This process is ensured by the collaboration of the high school and the university, by including adapted undergraduate courses, and specialized academic projects in the curriculum of 11th -12th grades.

The Foundation For A Successful Career

All professions in the modern world are united under three
specialized academic fields

IB Mthiebi Three Specialized Education Schools – Natural Sciences, Technical Sciences, and Humanities - as the highest level education institution of general education, prepares students for undergraduate education, lays the foundation for specialized education, and has curricula that help students act and discover themselves, as well as find success and happiness in their own state and worldwide.

The specialized schools, together with the universities of Tbilisi, have developed programs of Precalculus, Economics, Engineering, Green Chemistry, Astronomy, Conservation Biology, Regional Studies, Academic Writing, World Literature, which provide the relevant academic disciplines for bachelor's degrees. Such a specific school curriculum ensures the integration of our graduates in relevant undergraduate programs at university.

Paata Dumbadze

Manager of Technical Sciences School

Lika Sidamonidze

Manager of Humanities Sciences School

Nana Migineishvili

Manager of Natural Sciences School

University Entrant' Classes - The Best Guarantee of Continuing Education

Passed university exams
Passed university exams, obtained 100% scholarship
Passed university exams, obtained 70% scholarship
Passed university exams, obtained 50% scholarship

Action is Perfection


The Academic Project "Virtus" of the High School of General Education

The implementation of the project "Virtus" serves to develop the cognitive and research skills of the High School students and aims to teach them to use additional textbooks, chrestomathy, resources, and internet resources, as well as to master-analyze curricular and extra-curricular educational materials, notice novelty, hitherto unknown facts and pinpoint those perceptions verbally and in written form, further, they learn to obtain the necessary information from various resources and process it in a purposeful, professional manner, to make critical but objective conclusions based on the research, and to communicate them in written form to practice the acquired knowledge. Further, they are aided in making the right career choice.

Written a Memorandum of Understending, IB Mthiebi cooperates with hhe leading universities of
Georgia in The Field of Pre-selected Academic, Creative and Sports Activities

Alternative Education - Additional Career Growth

First-generation Alumni

College "Spectrum" is a partner organization of IB Mthiebi

In 2018, the first-generation graduates from the IB Mthiebi High School received a vocational education certificate

Students have the opportunity to master the following professions each year:

• Welder;
• Electrician;
• Plasterer;
• Labor Safety Specialist

Humanitarian Social Education

"Profession - University Entrant - Student"

There is an educational service at the IB Mthiebi High School, which implements a program tailored to the developmental stage of senior students. The curriculum at the IB Mthiebi High School consists of three stages:
• 10th grade: Improving responsibilities and the academic skills of students, introducing them to professions.
• 11th grade: Introducing students to professions and fostering their freedom of choice, testing vocational education, preparing for pre-bachelor level.
• 12th grade: Possessing the necessary skills for the pre-bachelor level, having civil responsibility. In the implementation process of the school curriculum the educational program engages not only the partner universities of IB Mthiebi, but also vocational education centers and, the qualified representatives of various professions.

Nano Dashniani

Manager of Educatory Service in High School

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