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The history of IB Mthiebi dates back to 1995

When I was studying at university, I never thought I would work at school. 10 years of experience working in a public school triggered me to establish a private school and implement all of my ideas in my school. There were no private schools in Georgia at that time. For the first time in Georgia, three private schools received a certificate authorizing their operation. We were one of them.

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The Founders

Nino Chikvaidze

Founding Director

Leila Becker

IB Manager

Carola Becker

Mamber of the IB Board

Ana Javakhishvili

Financial Manager

Starting from 2008 the IB is a business partner of IB Mthiebi School. The IB Germany and IB Mthiebi are strong and reliable partners when it comes to receiving a higher education and a professional school arrangement. The IB Group and IB Mthiebi share common values ​​and standards of quality and understandings of education and pedagogy. IB Mthiebi is a great example of successful international cooperation. IB serves for sustainable and long-term human development.

The aim of the IB is to give young people opportunities for proper education and development, as well as to create professional perspectives on the labor market. To maintain growing interest, we focus on quality: we evaluate our success based on test scores, identify challenges, and by taking the results into account we take the necessary steps to refine goals for quality improvement and further plans development.

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Georgia, Tbilisi

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