Never Stop Learning


IB Mthiebi has developed an academic and educational program for “online school” that outlines a full-fledged curriculum facilitating the education of students following the National Curriculum and the IB Mthiebi Standard.

Distance Teaching 2020

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Determining the force major factor is not easy in spite of having the structure for risk and risk factor management. However, the structure and the management system of IB Mthiebi allowed us to respond quickly, and already in the first week of March, switched to distance learning; in the beginning, it applied to 12th-grade only and then to all the classes of high school.

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An Effective Distance Learning System

We developed
a system

We have developed a system and strategy for distance and online learning

We changed the management system

We have developed new theme-based plans and evaluation system, we changed the structure of lessons

We have trained

We have developed new theme-based plans, we changed the structure of lessons

the Apps

For video calls, distance learning, remote and online communication