Primary School - The second stage of primary school: I-IV Grades


The program of the IB Mthiebi Primary School is designed for students ages 6 to 9 to shape their own spiritual world from an early age, develop skills of knowledge acquisition and their application, learning skills and critical thinking, and to teach them how to think.
The philosophy of the primary school curriculum determines the educational goals and directions of the school curriculum.

The main focus of the primary school curricula is for students to
develop attitudes such as:

I can do it independently

To be certain of their

own abilities

I'm a member of this team

To become a member of

a community

Learning is the discovery of something new

A positive attitude towards learning

Academic Project
"Workshop of Subject "



The student has the opportunity to get acquainted with extra-curricular material that is of interest to them;

Work with your hands

The student has the opportunity to make a real product based on the information received;


The student has the opportunity to present their hand-made product, based on the knowledge acquired.

Transitional School – The third stage of Primary School: V-VI Grades


The final stage of the Primary School consists of two stages: V - VI grades. Currently, a transparent building is being constructed, which creates an opportunity to implement learning program goals in the basic school.
The student of the Transitional School can discover modern teaching methodology and the important aspects of all the subject disciplines taking note of their core essence in life.

The Authors’ Programs of IB Mthiebi serve to implement the concept of the Transitional School to a high standard:

Academic Project



The student has the opportunity to analyze the research material within the frames of the project;


The student has the opportunity to describe the processes envisaged by the project topic;

Express Yourself

The student has the opportunity to express their attitude in a creative manner within the framework of the project.

Learning Curriculum in The Preparatory Group

  • Georgian language and literature;
  • Mathematics;
  • English;
  • German;
  • Russian;
  • Basics of Science;
  • History of Georgia.
  • Drawing;
  • Music
  • Ballet / Flexible Movement;
  • Physical education.
  • Study hours;
  • Educational thematic lesson:
  • Hour of “euler”;
  • Hour of “Pascal”;
  • Hour of “Herodotus”;
  • Hour of “Author”;
  • Hour of Communication English;
  • Relaxation hour;
  • Educational project “Creative”

Educational Program

The educational program ensures the development of student's learning skills:
• Receiving values education;
• Development of personality.

Integrated Art Training Course

The integrated curriculum of different subjects promotes:
• Development of students' creative skills;
• An interesting daily routine at school.

Sopho Sharashidze

Manager of Educatory Service in Primary School