Elementary School

The fundamental task of elementary education is to create motivation, to form a positive attitude towards learning and to develop crucial learning skills. At this stage the student learns the base of different disciplines.

Primary School

The main goal of the primary school is to accumulate factual knowledge and develop relevant skills by individual subjects. As well as, Systematize and attempt to use the acquired knowledge.

The academic programs of the secondary school promote adolescent intellectual and psycho-emotional development. Ensures high quality education provided by modern models of teaching.

Secondary School

The purpose of the teaching of the High School of General Education is to facilitate the preparation of students for the deep and thorough study of the disciplines of the field, to help them understand as much as possible about the chosen profession. 

High School

IB Mtiebi has developed an online school’s academic and educational program that outlines a full-fledged curriculum and  provides support for student education in line with the National Curriculum and the IB Mtiebi standards.

Online School