Basic Education - A Solid Foundation For Intellectual Development


Our academic programs of Basic Education foster the intellectual and psycho-emotional development of adolescents, offering high-quality education according to modern models of teaching. The structure and system of teaching develop social responsibility in students, introducing them to the essence of civic well-being and cultural markers, and promoting the selection of information, and the ability to learn independently.

Priority Educational Program


In order to thoroughly study academic disciplines and to take into account the interests of students, the curriculum of the basic school is concentrated with in three disciplines, which include the full range of exact and natural sciences, and humanities.
Major academic programs incorporate extra-curricular subjects such as drawing/architecture, drawing/modeling, economics, business English, world literature, and English literature, aiming at the more thorough and comprehensive education of students.

The educational process is conducted by the following academic educational activities

The educational structure fosters the following

Learning curricular material
Developing students’ ability to work independently
Developing creative thinking
Discovering acquainted with the professions in the labor market

Theory in Practice


Basic school academic project "Laboratory"

Teaching and educational project "Laboratory" is a combination of research and creative activities aimed at developing a critical and integrated way of thinking and teamwork; as a result, the student will be able to:
• Generalize and practice the knowledge of the subject;
• Notice inter-subject and intra-subject connections;
• Learn time management skills;
• Develop age-appropriate research, analytical thinking, and writing skills;
• Develop the skills to work independently and in a team;
• Discover professions in the labor market;
• Be prepared to work on the project "Vitus" at the High School level.

Synthesis of Physical Development and Social Skills

There is an educational service at the IB Mthiebi High School, which implements a program tailored to age development, as well as to the physical and intellectual development of the students.
By implementing the educational program, a comfortable environment for the high-quality educational process is created.
In the basic school, the educational program is connected with the educational process, however, at the same time, its activities are implemented independently.

Giorgi Bakhtadze

Manager of Educatory Service in Secondary School

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