Security and Safety

Occupational health and safety sector of the boarding school IB Mthiebi works towards ensuring work and study environment security

The occupational health and safety sector operates in accordance with the legislation of Georgia and the international standard of occupational health and safety, ISO 45001: 2018.

For the purpose of safety certain services are provided by security company “Algani”, specifically their security guards, who possess special skills, knowledge and experience. Security company “Algani” is focused on the introduction and supply of security in Georgia.

The occupational health and safety sector is a combination of different sub-sectors of various fields. Each sector has a supervisor, and the work associated with it is carried out according to the established action plan.

Maka Marikhashvili

Manager of Daily Schedule

Giorgi Bakhtadze


Nana Shubitidze


Vasil Kentchuashvili

Administrator of A and B Campuses

Roma Sichinava

Administrator of C Campus