Partner Universities of IB Mthiebi

On the basis of the memorandum, IB Mthiebi cooperates with the leading universities of Georgia in the field of pre-selected academic, creative and sports activities

Vocational education in IB Mthiebi

Eleventh-grade students of IB Mthiebi master various professions at College “Spectrum” every year

On November 1, 2019, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the vocational college "Spectrum" and the boarding school " IB Mthiebi", on the basis of which the implementation of joint educational-practical programs started

Students have the opportunity to master the following professions:

• Welder;
• Electrician;
• Plasterer;
• Labor Safety Specialist

Georgian National Library - Partner Organization of IB Mthiebi

Librarium - A space for continuous education in IB Mthiebi

On February 6, 2020, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia and the IB Mthiebi Boarding School, within the framework of which the National Library of Georgia and IB Mthiebi Boarding School will jointly hold various cultural and educational events

Social-humanitarian Activities

IB Mthiebi actively participates in various charity events, in the framework of which the school, student, parent, employee helps socially vulnerable families, the elderly, and orphanages

We help others with your help

IB Mthiebi teaches students free of charge to help charities and socially vulnerable families every year

წითელი ჯვარი

Red Cross - Partner Organization of IB Mthiebi

It should be noted that the Boarding School "IB Mthiebi" was the first partner that participated in implementing Red Cross projects. Since then, starting from 2008 till now, the parties spare no efforts to create a better future together


Administration of Didube District - Permanent Colleague