June 1, 2023


“Future IB Mthiebi” continues its one and six year strategic planning and prioritization for the academic year 2023-2024 with a significant focus on incorporating the STEAM methodology into educational and learning processes. IN the current academic year, IB Mthiebi has successfully introduced the STEAM methodology to the academic projects and lessons within today’s educational system.

Engineering, economics, robotics, pre-calculus, basics of humanistic thinking, business English, mathematics and architecture were subjects that played a special role in the realization of the “Future IB Mthiebi” Project by the school pupils.

The X and XI grade students created and presented their mission statement, concept, curriculum design, technologically equipped school infrastructure and business plan as well as a new form of lesson development oriented on teaching.

The ideas presented by the joint participation and collaboration of the administration and students of IB Mthiebi will be taken into consideration when planning the next academic year at IB Mthiebi High School. The outstanding projects were:

  • Theoretical-practical work on the conceptual outline of the Future IB Mthiebi Project from grade 10 T1. Project presenters: Alexander Chovelidze, Petre Kalichava, Demetre Sajaia and Giorgi Lomtadze. Education program coordinator: Ketevan Jokhadze.
  • Innovative curriculum package from grade 11H. Project presenter: Gvantsa Dzmanashvili. Education program coordinator: Lela Tabatadze.

They won a well-deserved victory and were awarded prizes. The participation of Lika Sodamonidze and Paata Dumbadze, managers of profile schools, in the preparation of the project is worth mentioning. The project consultants were: Georgian-American University, Spectrum College.

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